Grants, EFG Scheme and Business Loan Support

All businesses need a helping hand from time to time. One of the advantages of setting up a business in the UK is that there’s a lot of support available, support that is designed to nurture and secure a company’s future development. Indeed, it’s this type of encouragement that has made the UK such an appealing proposition to businesses in recent years. It’s not just large businesses that benefit under the schemes; the government is eager to give companies a helping hand. 

If you’re looking for these types of grants and support schemes for your own business, then you’re in the right place. We’ve got plenty of experience in helping businesses just like yours to access a wide range of grants and support schemes. These can be at a local or central government level. There are few large schemes that have been popular in recent years. These include Regional Development Agencies grants, which provide loads of up to £1 million for eligible businesses.

There’s also the EFG Scheme and Business Loan Support, which is sometimes stylised as EFGS. This is a government-led program that has been running for a few years. It was designed to specifically help SME business owners get access to loans worth up to £1million.

    There are around thirty financial institutions and banks in the UK that can handle EFGS.
    They’re also in charge of administering the support. As leaders in our field, we have developed relationships with all of them, and that means that we’re in a unique position to offer support to companies who are looking at getting this type of funding for their business. If you’re looking at EFGS and wondering whether they might be right for your business, then be sure to get in touch. We can provide free and unbiased advice that’ll help to determine whether it’s the right option for you.

    We’re able to help with grant and government schemes, but we can also help businesses in other ways too. If you’re looking for secured loans that are an attractive alternative to what’s available from High Street Banks, then we can help. We have access to a wide range of authorised, regulated financial lenders. Essentially, if you’re looking for ways to fund your business, then it’s likely that there’s something available for you out there. Of course, there are some types of funding that are better suited to one type of business than others, so it usually helps to have an experienced hand to help you figure things out in the early stages. 

    If you’d like to know more, then be sure to get in touch with us. You can do so by picking up the phone and giving us a call, or you can submit an inquiry and we will be in touch with you. We have plenty of experience in navigating the sometimes complicated world of accessing these funding times. Of course, you’re able to talk to us without any obligation. We’re happy to provide advice freely and in confidence.

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