Buying or Starting a New Business

Open For Business – Loans To Get You Started

Starting one’s own business or investing in a new one is exciting, but it also involves hard work, having a workable business plan and a good amount of investment and capital. White Rose Finance can help you with the various monetary requirements needed to kickstart the business of your dreams, as well as provide advice on mortgages, loans and other fiscal matters.

EFGS scheme

We provide access to a wide range of secured and unsecured finance facilities to help get you started and can also advise on the Government Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme (EFGS) and the possibility of acquiring regional grants depending on your location.

In addition to grant and government schemes we also provide access to a number of authorised and regulated financial institutions who can provide secured loan facilities as a viable alternative to high street banks.

Loans and Mortgages

These are some of the other areas in which we can help you sort your finances out to aid you in starting your new business

  • If you need to buy a freehold or commercial property we can help you acquire a trading business with commercial/ business mortgages with interest rates starting at just 2.5% over Bank Base Rate
  • Secured Business Loans, MBO / MBI arrangements and VAT bridging loans
  • We can provide you ready access to over 50 major Commercial Mortgage Lenders in the market who will help you acquire a commercial mortgage at competitive rates. We can provide both capital and interest repayment schemes or ‘easy start’ interest only options.

In order to assess your best Commercial Mortgage option we will need to understand more about your business and confirm the ability to repay the mortgage from business profits or other sources of income. In general terms we can offer mortgages up to 75% of the freehold / long leasehold value of the property or business being purchased.

Funding, Invoice Factoring and Support 

  • Help and support with the purchase of business goodwill, vehicles, stock and other key assets
  • We have available funding to cover business goodwill as well as fixtures and fittings
  • Customised services and finance options for starting businesses in different sectors including Pub, Hotel, Restaurant and Leisure; Property Development and Refurbishment and Nursing Care Home and Day Nursery
  • Equipment and Vehicle Leasing for assets valued from £2,000 upwards
  • Invoice Factoring: We also have specialist schemes for new start-ups and early stage businesses and offer uncomplicated free advice on the best factoring solution for your new or established business. An effective Factoring arrangement can greatly assist your cash flow and working capital problems. 


For assistance with starting your new business or to discuss your project in depth, please call us today on 0121 663 6201 or email us on to see how we can help. Alternatively, you can fill in the form below and a member of our team will get back to you. Our advice is given freely, in confidence and without obligation.

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